Athletic co-coordinators with Silver medallists Iwan Parry and Connor Laverty at Gotland 2017

Athletics was one of the original sports included in the first ever Island Games in Isle of Man 1985. Ynys Môn only sent a team to one of the first 4 Games but since then have been represented in Athletics at every Games. The below table shows the Games where Ynys Môn have sent an Athletics team.


Athletics is the second most successful sport for Ynys Môn at the Island Games by number of Gold medals. Although Athletics has the most medals in total with 48. It total the team have won 7 Gold medals, 15 Silvers and 26 Bronze. These have been won by 32 different members of the team over the years. Iolo Hughes is the most successful athlete despite pulling out of the Gotland 2017 squad due to injury.



Athletics updates can be found on their Athletics Twitter account.


Athletics would like to thank the following sponsors:

first hydro           Holyhead Round Table            spar          watkin jones         hogans


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