Ynys Môn Island Games Association

The International Island Games was born in the Isle of Man in 1985.

The idea was to provide an opportunity for hundreds of young sportsmen and women from small island communities, to compete and enjoy international competition against other islanders. The unique sporting event, offers opportunities for cultural exchange and social interaction.

The Festival was such a success that it was agreed to continue it every other year, with Guernsey hosting the Games in 1987.

The Ynys Môn Island Games Association was established to coordinate Ynys Môn’s participation at the International Island Games. Since the inaugural event, in 1985, Ynys Môn is proud of our long-term commitment to the event, and have seen athletes represent the island at each biannual event. We also aim to host the event on Ynys Môn in 2025. The association is made up entirely of volunteers and leads a team of around 150 athletes and officials, competing across an average of 10 sports at each games.

The aims and objectives of the Ynys Môn Island Games Association are to;

  • foster and encourage friendship between Island communities through sporting activities
  • provide, through the NatWest International Island Games, opportunities to participate in international sport
  • promote sport on Ynys Môn in support of the Island Games Association
  • co-ordinate administrative and financial arrangements to enable Ynys Môn’s participation every two years in the NatWest International Island Games.
  • promote and co-ordinate the hosting of an Island Games on Ynys Môn on an occasional basis.
Sailing team at Isle of wight 2011 - GTM Dawn Russell - Dyfrig Mon - Dominic Breen-Turner - Mike Thorne & Robyn Cox

Ynys Môn Sailing Team – Isle of Wight 2011






International Island Games Association

NatWest International Island Games

The NatWest International Island Games are a biannual multisport event which welcomes a total of 24 islands from across the world. Following months of rigorous training, between 2,000 and 4,000 athletes are put to the test over a week of events as competitors swim, shoot, sprint and swing their way to victory. From target and endurance events to team sports such as football, basketball and volleyball, the Games holds competitions in a diverse range of sports.

The Games welcomes spectators at all events, giving host islanders an exciting opportunity to watch live international sport on their home turf.

Games athletes perform to an exceptional standard with a number of previous gold medal winners becoming elite international champions and competing at a number of Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Every Games is a chance for talented young islanders to follow in their footsteps, inspired by the journeys of previous International Island Games athletes.

But the NatWest International Island Games isn’t all about scoreboards and medals. It’s a chance for thousands of young people from islands across the world to explore new places and cultures, share unforgettable experiences and form lasting friendships.

In striving to achieve sporting excellence, all Games competitors—as well as their coaches, managers and supporters—help us foster and strengthen our core values of sportsmanship and fair play.

For more information on the NatWest International Island Games please visit www.iiga.org

The current membership of the IIGA is as follows:

Åland Gotland Orkney
Alderney Greenland Rhodes
Bermuda Guernsey Saaremaa
Cayman Islands Hitra Sark
Falkland Islands Isle of Man Shetland
Faroe Islands Isle of Wight St Helena
Frøya Jersey Western Isles
Gibraltar Menorca Ynys Môn

The Games takes place every two years, usually in the months of June/July.


Conditions for Representing a Member Island

The following section is taken from the Section 6 of the IIGA Operational Guidelines 

“To represent a Member Island, a competitor may qualify either by:

  1. Having been born on that Member Island.
  2. A competitor may be considered to have been born on a Member Island if the mother was normally resident on that Island immediately prior to the birth and returned to the Island soon after.
  3. Having been resident on that Member Island for the period of 12 consecutive months prior to the date of the Opening Ceremony of the Games to be entered.
  4. Any person wishing to gain qualification under 3 (above) shall be deemed to be a permanent resident for the purpose of qualification if they are not residing on that Member Island because they are following a programme of study or involved in military service out of the Member Island.

Any competitor not complying with the above shall be subject to an automatic disqualification from the Games.”

Anyone with any queries over their eligibility to compete for Ynys Môn should ‘Contact Us’ to clarify this.



As part of a wider talent development project, supported by the Ynys Môn Charitable Trust, a number of talented young athletes were challenged to select values that they felt were important to continue to achieve excellence and be successful.

Future / Dyfodol

Knowledge / Gwybodaeth

Determination / Penderfyniad

Support / Cefnogaeth

Bravery / Dewrder

Equality / Cydraddoldeb

Dedication / Ymroddiad

Training / Hyfforddiant

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