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Boost for Island’s sportpeople

Athletes across Anglesey have received a cash boost, after the Ynys Môn Island Games Association was awarded a grant by the Ynys Môn Charitable Trust (November 2014).

Council members voted unanimously in favour of supporting the five year bid, which awards the organisation £50,000 in year one and £40,000 for the following four years, following a presentation and lengthy questioning.

The presentation was delivered by former and current Ynys Môn Island Games athletes and medal winners, Siwan Jones, Iolo Hughes and Sion Myers, and questions answered by Tom Rogers.

The funding will support increased participation in various Island Games sports, where competitors travel to islands across the world to compete bi-annually, and will increase awareness of sport on Anglesey.  It will not be used for travel or accomodation.

The Ynys Môn Island Games Association is currently fundraising to send a squad to Jersey to compete next Summer in sports including football (men and women’s), athletics, sailing and windsurfing and badminton.

A spokesperson from the Ynys Môn Island Games Association said: “We are delighted with the Council’s Charitable Trust decision to award funding to the Ynys Môn Island Games association for a five year plan. The funding will provide a vital boost for sporting potential across the island. It will enable athletes of all ages to continue to represent Anglesey across various sports, with improved training and coach education, and will increase the number of people taking part in sport. Financial assistance will also help us to host a successful Inter Games 2015 (Gymnastics) competition which will be held here on Anglesey next year and play host to competitors from across the globe. These Games offer a chance to showcase what this Island has to offer, not only in sport, but tourism and culture as well. We welcome this positive news for our island’s sportspeople and will continue to fundraise and work hard to build on this.”

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